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The Italian Food In North Beach Is Great, But You Need Great Teeth To Enjoy Great Food

Who doesn’t love Italian food? And the best place for Italian food in San Francisco is without a shadow of a doubt North Beach. In fact, we frequently hop on the MUNI up to North Beach after work in order to visit its’ fabulous restaurants. But guess what? In order to enjoy great food you need great teeth. Continue reading

Dental Implants? The FIRST Thing To Think About Is A SECOND Opinion

If you are considering Bay Area dental implants, the first thing to think about is a second opinion. Your dentist may well have recommended you to a dental implants specialist but the fact is that (a) dental implants are not cheap, and (b) everyone is different, so a dental implant second opinion is critical if you want to be certain that you make the right choice. Don’t just go with the first guy or gal you see! Continue reading