It’s true what they say: Noe Valley has less problems with fog than many other San Francisco areas, although many of the “non-natives” don’t know that. So if you want plenty of fresh air, Noe Valley is as good a place to live as any.

It is also true that there are a fair number of very good dentists in Noe Valley, but that is not the place to be if you are considering dental implants. We will come on to this in a moment.

Generalists And Specialists in Dental Implants

As with many things in life, there are “generalists” and “specialists” in very many fields of Dental Implant Center in Noe Valleyendeavor. For instance, if you need some specialist carpentry done on your home you might find that a friend would recommend a builder who had done some work for them building a new wall for the yard, and had also built them a garden shed. The builder was a very nice man, and didn’t charge too much.

However, there is the world of difference between building a garden shed and creating new cabinetry for your kitchen. In the case of your kitchen you would probably feel far more comfortable obtaining the services of a qualified carpenter. He might not have a clue about building a wall, but when it comes to carpentry he knows it all. He’s a specialist. He is not a jack of all trades, but he is a master of one.

To be honest, it does sometimes amaze us that people will go to general dentists in Noe Valley in order to talk about dental implants rather than talk to a dental implant specialist. And no, we are not the only dental implant specialist in San Francisco – although there are very few of us – but our doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is recognized as one of the leading dental implant specialists in the whole of the US.

A Specialist in Dental Implants: Dr. Alex Rabinovich

Dr Rabinovich performs dental implant surgery every day, where general dentists in Noe Valley – no matter how talented they may appear to be – might only do one or two such operations a month.

Horses For Courses

There is an old saying “horses for courses”. Some horses perform particularly well on certain racecourses, but can be less than average on others.

It’s the same with dental implants. They are not cheap, but they are the perfect answer to missing teeth since they perform in exactly the same way as your original teeth. You need to be sure that they will last you for the rest of your life, since you don’t want problems a year or two down the line.

That’s why it pays to come to the specialists at SF Dental Implants. When it comes to your smile, and being able to eat whatever foods you wish, you deserve only the very best treatment.

Dr Rabinovich is happy to provide an initial consult in order that you can find out exactly what is involved and ask any questions you wish. Call our office now on (415) 992-9188 or simply click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to discuss dental implants with a renowned specialist.