Replace Multiple Teeth

Occasionally, several teeth in a row are missing or failing. They can easily be replaced with an implant bridge, where a span of several prosthetic teeth is securely anchored to just two dental implants. The treatment is highly reliable and easy to tolerate. Patients can often leave the office with a new smile on the day of their treatment, avoiding the inconvenience and social stigma of missing multiple teeth.

Dental implants can be an ideal solution for single teeth replacement, multiple teeth replacement, or the entire set of teeth. Multiple tooth implants provide several advantages over fixed bridges and removable partial dentures. Like all dental implants, they look and function like your natural teeth. They are also independent of neighboring “natural” teeth, meaning they do not rely on them for support. Other common treatments for losing multiple teeth depend on adjacent teeth’ support. Another major advantage is that multiple-tooth dental implants don’t require time-consuming maintenance with removable dentures. Dentures must be removed and cleaned after eating and soaked overnight. Instead, multiple teeth dental implants require only the same daily brushing and flossing routines recommended for natural teeth.

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“No bone?” No Problem! May patients come to our center having been turned down by other practitioners due to lack of bone to support their implants. Our 3D virtual planning technology, experience with advanced solutions such as Zygoma Implants, training and experience with complex cases allow Dr. Rabinovich to be successful even with the most complicated cases.

When more than one tooth is missing, there are three common treatment options: the traditional tooth supported bridge, a removable partial denture and an implant supported bridge. In this situation the benefits of dental implants for replacing multiple teeth are even more obvious. Our San Francisco office makes teeth replacement convenient!

A removable prosthesis, such as a partial denture, actually accelerates the bone resorption process, resulting in more rapid bone deterioration. In addition, the clasps which hold the partial denture in place put extreme pressure on the natural teeth they hook onto, loosening them and in many cases, eventually leading to the loss of those teeth. Most patients with partial dentures state that they are uncomfortable and that they rarely wear them.

Patients coming to our San Francisco center discover tthe advantages of replacing multiple missing teeth with implant supported bridges. These include the following:

  • They look, feel and function like a natural tooth
  • They are much more comfortable and stable than partial dentures
  • Natural biting and chewing capacity is restored
  • They virtually stop the bone resorption process (deterioration)
  • The integrity of the facial structures is maintained
  • Adjacent natural teeth are not compromised (ground down into peg shapes or loosened)
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