The answer is the question of how much dental implants cost is going to vary according to your individual situation. Sure, we can give you a ball park figure as a guide, but it will only be a guide.

Cost of Dental Implants

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The reason for that is that it depends on the state of your jawbone, whether or not you may need a bone graft, the type and size of implant that you need in your specific circumstances, and a few other factors in addition.

EXACT Quote on Dental Implants

What we can and will do is to provide you with an EXACT dental implants cost in your individual case (no two patients are identical) before you commit yourself to having any work carried out. You will know exactly what the final bill will be and there will be no hidden extras or charges added on.

However, when you ask “what is the cost” we might ask “compared to what?” The cost of a vacation to Hawaii? Compared to a diamond ring for your girlfriend? Compared to the cost of a new Hummer? (OK, they discontinued the Hummer / H3, thank goodness, but you get the point).

It all depends. That vacation to Hawaii will fade from your memory over time, as will the tan that you got. Diamonds are certainly a girl’s best friend. A new Hummer will be great for a few years before it is overtaken by the latest, greatest, all-electric, low emission, low tax, cheap fuel vehicle that is no doubt just around the corner.

We can fairly safely say that dental implants cost will probably be more than the vacation to Hawaii, and possibly more than that diamond ring (depending just how big a one you want to get to impress your lovely girl). It will almost certainly be less than the cost of a new Hummer.

Who Can Put A Price On This?

However, when you have dental implants that can restore your smile and give you the same performance as your original teeth, let you laugh out loud without covering your mouth with your hand in case your dentures fall out, let you eat foods that you haven’t been able to for 30 years, such as nuts and barbecued ribs, and give you back your self-confidence – well who can possibly put a price on that?

At the end of the day – to use a well-worn expression – dental implants are not about the cost. They are about the result.

It’s about returning your mouth to the state it was in when you were 25. All teeth there, all working perfectly, in the days when you never gave them a second thought. They were just there and they just worked.

Which is how it should be.

And how it will be again when you have had dental implants?

So don’t ask about the cost. Consider the result. Then ask yourself how much you’d be prepared to pay for that. We’d like to bet that the actual monetary cost of that is way less than what you get in return.

Which is also how it should be. And it is what we aim to achieve: to deliver more than you could ever expect.

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via / CC BY-SA