We love Mexico. The beaches, the culture, the people, the tacos – we love it all. And everything is so cheap compared with the Bay area. It’s an ideal country to go to for a holiday.

Even the doctors and dentists are cheaper than San Francisco, so you might be able to save money on dental implants by traveling to Tijuana and getting them done there.

However, notice that we said you “might” be able to save money. Sure, the actual cost of Mexico Cost of Dental Implantsdental implants might be less than here, but first of all you have to get there. It’s a shade under 1,000 miles there and back again, so it’s going to take about ten hours’ drive each way, perhaps a bit longer as you have to go through LA. So you won’t be able to do that in a day.

Night In A Hotel

That means that you will have to spend the night in a hotel, so you have got that cost to add. You can visit the dentist on the following day for an assessment as to whether you are suitable for Mexico dental implants. Most people are suitable, so that shouldn’t be a problem. However, unless you can get an appointment very early in the morning, you’ll probably have to spend a second night in a hotel.

Of course, you could fly down and back, but that’s more expensive than driving.

Once you have been approved for Mexico dental implants, you then have to repeat the whole trip again for your appointment to have the implants fitted.

Then, of course, once the implants have bonded to your jaw bone you will need to go back to Tijuana again to have the final teeth fitted to the implants.

What If There’s A Problem? – Dental Implants Center in San Francisco

And, of course, this assumes that everything goes smoothly. What if you have a problem six months or a year later?

Certainly, the actual cost of Mexico dental implants themselves may be less than here, but when you take into account all of the overheads – together with all the running backwards and forwards – there is probably nothing in it.

At SF Dental Implants you can have your implant surgery carried out by one of the world’s leading dental implant experts, Dr Alex Rabinovich, who is regularly called upon to speak at dental seminars.

As with most things in life, there are different qualities of dental implants, but Dr Rabinovich uses only the very best materials, not cheap imports.

Dr Rabinovich is happy to offer an initial consult to all patients when he can answer all of your questions. Call his office on (415) 992-9188 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to book your appointment.

Then all you need to do is hop on the Muni to get to our office.