It’s quite true that there are several good dentists in Oakland, but the last time we checked there isn’t ONE who specializes in dental implants in the way that SF Dental Implants does.

What’s the difference? It’s a fair question. It’s rather a matter of “horses for courses”. Some horses perform far better on one race track than they do on another. It can be the same horse over the same distance, and on one course it will do very well, yet on another it trails at the back of the field. It specializes in one particular course.

The Same Thing Applies To Dental ImplantsOakland Dental Implants

The same thing applies to dental implants. The dentists in Oakland are very good, but they are general dentists. They do a bit of everything. At SF Dental Implants, we are not general dentists, because in fact we don’t do most of the things that Oakland dentists do. We just do dental implants – nothing else at all.

If you want a filling, then we are sorry, but stay in Oakland.

If you want dental implants, come over the Bay Bridge, or even via BART, to San Francisco for your Oakland dental implants, and get them from a specialist.

Another way of thinking about this is to imagine that you need some complicated electrical work done on your home. Or perhaps you need new air-con installed. You wouldn’t want a general builder who may be very good at brickwork, ground works, and building fences, tackling a complicated electrical re-wire or a new air-con installation.

It stands to reason that you would use a qualified electrician in the first instance, or an HVAC company for the air-con.

The same thing applies to dental implants. If you have the choice of a general dentist for Oakland dental implants or a dental implant specialist, (which you do!), it’s what is known colloquially as a “no-brainer”.

Ensure That You Get The Very Best Treatment

Dental implants are not cheap, and you need to ensure that you get the very best treatment. At SF Dental Implants, our principal, Dr Alex Rabinovich, has carried out literally thousands of dental implant treatments over the course of many years. There is nothing he does not know. In fact, dentists from all over the US look to him for advice and training in the more difficult aspects of the craft.

We believe that every patient should have only the finest treatment using the very best materials, and for this reason Dr Rabinovich has never used – and will never use – cheap imported implants.

Every patient at SF Dental Implants is attended to by Dr Rabinovich personally. He is also very happy to offer anyone considering dental implants an initial consult during which he will answer all your questions. There is no obligation to proceed after the consult.

So if you need Oakland dental implants, come across the Bay and talk to us in order to ensure that you get it right first time.