Nob Hill is, of course, known as one of the most affluent areas in San Francisco with its’ expensive hotels, the Top Of The Mark Lounge, Grace Cathedral, the Cable Car Museum, and Huntington Park.

Nob Hill Dental Implants

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via / CC BY-SA

What the area is not particularly known for is Nob Hill dental implants, but that is not a problem since San Francisco Dental Implants Center is only a short ride away on the MUNI, in the Financial District.

Here is the office of Dr Alex Rabinovich who is one of the top dental implants specialists not just in San Francisco, but in the world. He is regularly called upon to speak at dental implants conventions in many other countries: in other words, he is the “go to” dental implants surgeon for other dental implants surgeons. Always abreast of the very latest cutting-edge ideas, his mission is to make the very best dental implants available to everyone regardless of their status in life.

Singing The Praises

Speak to anyone who has spent years suffering from dentures, or has had missing teeth and been unable to enjoy certain foods, and then makes the decision to have dental implants and you will find them singing the praises to the rooftops. The simple fact is that dental implants behave in exactly the same manner as your original teeth did. You will be able to eat anything you wish, and your confidence will return in leaps and bounds because once again you can smile and laugh without embarrassment or putting your hand up to cover your mouth. Indeed, many people say that the psychological boost that they receive from dental implants is one of their best features.

If you are looking for Nob Hill dental implants then you really must talk to Dr Rabinovich. He offers an initial consult to all patients when he is able to answer every question that you have about implants. As the leading dental implants specialist in the Bay Area, Dr Rabinovich uses the very latest state-of-the-art equipment, including a 3D CAT scanner. Many dental implants surgeons still rely on X-rays, but the 3D CAT scanner provides the surgeon with so much more information allowing him to make the best choices regarding placement of the implants, assess the density of the jawbone, avoid any sinuses or nerves, and more.

To make an appointment with Dr Rabinovich to discuss Nob Hill dental implants just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. There is no obligation, but you can take a look around the office and Dr Rabinovich will answer all your questions.

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via / CC BY-SA