Many San Francisco residents believe that teeth are just teeth, and that pretty much “anyone can become a dentist”. Not true! It takes a lot of education, skill, and practice to become a great general dentist and we have a lot of respect for their wide range of skills.

dental implants

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But it also takes a lot of education, skill, and practice to become one of the best dental implant specialists in San Francisco. So you really shouldn’t go to a general dentist for dental implants, but seek the expertise of a skilled San Francisco oral surgeon who undertakes dental implants, such as our Dr Alex Rabinovich.

We have said this before, but it is worth repeating. You might employ a general builder to undertake some work on your home. He might build you a wall in your yard, he could install a new front door, he might decorate the front of your home, he may be able to undertake some simple roofing work, and he might be very good at all these things. But when you need your home rewired you wouldn’t ask him to do that – you would employ an electrician, because he is a specialist in electrical work and you can’t take any chances, because if things go wrong you could be in some serious trouble.

Equally, the electrician won’t attempt to build you a wall or install a new front door. He might be quite competent at doing those things, but he specializes in electrical work.

Dr Rabinovich Is A Dental Implant Specialist

It is the same with a dental implant dentist such as Dr Rabinovich. Yes, he is perfectly capable of carrying out a couple of fillings, but as a specialist dental implant dentist he doesn’t do that sort of thing. His time is too valuable for that, so he does what he does best which is dental implants.

This is why you should not go to a general dentist for dental implants in San Francisco. Indeed, many folks come to our office from Marin County or Oakland, as the “best” dental implant specialist in Marin County or in Oakland is actually in San Francisco. Many general dentists don’t carry out dental implant work in any case, but of those that do they may only do one or two a month, whereas Dr Rabinovich does them all day and every day. Just for that reason alone, he has far more skill when it comes to dental implants than a general dentist. In fact, he is often asked to speak at dental conventions on the subject, so well is he respected by his fellow professionals.

So we repeat: when you need dental implants you need a dental implant dentist. Dr Rabinovich also offers all patients an initial consult when he can answer all your questions. Book yours by calling the office on (415) 992-9188 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Photo credit: eltpics via / CC BY-NC