If you have missing teeth, which most people suffer from at some point in their lives, there are ways of replacing them. Probably the cheapest option is to have dentures fitted, and they can work quite well for some people. However, you have to take them out at night to clean them overnight, and they can have a tendency to slip about in the mouth when you are eating.

A specialist is required for dental implants

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Another option, if you just have one missing tooth, is to have a bridge. Unfortunately, this requires the two teeth on either side of the missing one to be cut down in order to support the bridge. It does seem rather strange to cut down two perfectly good teeth in order to replace just one. Furthermore, what happens if either of those teeth goes bad and has to be pulled out?

The very best option today is that of dental implants. They are not by any means the cheapest option, but then the best of anything never is. Dental implants work in exactly the same way as the original tooth or teeth did. Furthermore, you can replace one missing tooth, two, three, or even a full set.

You Need a Specialist, Not A General Dentist

But if you are considering dental implants you need to consult dental implant specialists in San Francisco. A general dentist is not really the best option. Certainly, there are some general dentists who offer dental implants. However, you need to understand that they have probably been on a weekend training course, and that they also may only carry out a couple of dental implants for patients in a month. When you are considering something as important as this, you need dental implant specialists in San Francisco.

As you might imagine, at San Francisco Dental Implant Center this is precisely what we do. Our two doctors, Dr Alex Rabinovich and Dr Noah Sandler, are both experts in dental implants and have been helping patients with them for years. So, they have the sort of experience that you need.

When you are considering your options, you need dental implant specialists in San Francisco who will provide you with a free consultation, which both of our doctors do. If you have already had a consultation elsewhere, it is a wise choice to get a second opinion anyway, because there are a lot of things involved, one of which is making sure that the implant doesn’t damage any nerves.

Our doctors have the very latest 3D CAT scanning equipment from New Tom which provides them with a full picture of your jawbone, and this enables them to ensure that the implant, or implants, are inserted in the perfect position without contacting any nerves.

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