San Mateo is not a very big city – certainly nowhere near as big as San Francisco – which is why San Mateo residents who want the best of everything usually figure it is worth a half hour drive up to the “big city” when they need the services of a top lawyer, an accountant, to buy the best wines, find the best fashions, and a whole lot more.

Go up to SF for the best San Mateo dental implant

Photo credit: antjeverena via / CC BY-NC-ND

They’re right, of course, because the population of San Francisco is more than eight times that of San Mateo, so it follows that there is much more choice of everything and a much better chance of finding what everyone wants, which is the BEST.

This applies to San Mateo dental implants as well. If you have decided that you want dental implants you most certainly want the best. As with many things, you will find that there are also “cheap” dental implants available if you look, but do you REALLY want “cheap” dental implants in your mouth.

We are talking about your health here – your ability to eat any foods that you desire, which you may not have been able to do for years – and your ability to smile and laugh with the rest of them without feeling that you have to cover your mouth with your hand because you are ashamed of your missing teeth. Or even, as has been known to happen, you suddenly laugh out loud and your dentures fall out. It’s not a nice thing to think about, but missing or faulty teeth and loose dentures can be SO embarrassing.

The Logical Answer to Dental Implants: A Short Drive

San Mateo dental implants are the logical answer. Dental implants have been around for a good few years now, and with good reason. They are just as effective as your own original teeth, only better. Better? Yes because the best dental implants cannot suffer from disease because they are made from high grade titanium – one of the strongest metals in the world. As long as you have the best dental implants they should last you for life.

This is why you should avoid “cheap” dental implants made from imported cheap materials. (Hint: that’s why they are “cheap”).

So if you are considering dental implants in San Mateo, take a half hour trip up to SF to see us. We only ever use the finest quality dental implants because we have the utmost respect for our patients and we would not use anything that we would not have ourselves.

It’s a simple choice really, isn’t it? Do you want “cheap” or do you want the best?