Dental implants are a modern method to replace missing teeth in your mouth. The results are very natural-looking. Implants are made with titanium and serve as a solid base for a new tooth or teeth. It gives you the choice of a removable or fixed solution to missing teeth, something that dental bridges cannot do. Medical journals have reported a success rate of as high as 98%.

If you live in San Mateo, CA, the San Francisco Dental Implant Center is the place to go for dental implants that look and feel completely natural. Read on to learn more about the benefits of the procedure, how it works, and why you should trust us to do it!

Dental Implants - Directions from San Mateo, California

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If you are coming to our San Francisco office from San Mateo, click here for Google map directions. Basically –

  • Head north on US Highway 101 toward San Francisco
  • Merge onto I-280 N
  • Continue onto King Street
  • Continue onto the Embarcadero
  • Turn Left on Washington
  • Turn Left onto Drumm St
  • Turn Right onto Sacramento S