If you do a search on Google for “cheap dental implants Bay Area” you will actually get quite a lot of results. However, we believe that the word “cheap” does not really fit with “dental implants”. In the view of most people, dental implants are not cheap.

best dental implants in the San Francisco Bay Area

Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via Foter.com / CC BY

Of course, this is always relative. It depends what you are comparing them with. Compared to the problem of having terrible teeth and looking terrible, dental implants are cheap. Compared to the cost of a round the world cruise, they’re cheap. But if you are hoping to get change out of 100 bucks that’s another matter entirely!

In any case, we consider that doing a search for “cheap dental implants Bay Area” is not the right way to approach the subject. What you SHOULD be looking for are the BEST dental implants in the Bay Area. Surely, that comes before thinking about the cost? You want dental implants that are made with the finest materials, not cheap foreign imports. Oh, yes, some dental implants are made from cheap imports, believe it or not. At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we wouldn’t consider using them for a second. We have too much respect for our patients to do that. In any event, we believe that you want dental implants that are going to last for the rest of your life.

The Best Dental Implants Surgeon Also

It follows that you also want the best dental implants surgeon to carry out the work for you. Our doctor is Dr Alex Rabinovich who is so highly respected by members of his own profession that he is frequently asked to speak at dental conventions around the world. Many dental implant surgeons still rely on X-rays to get a picture of the patients mouth, but Dr Rabinovich uses the very latest 3D CAT scanner which shows him the complete picture, including the density and quality of the jawbone, and enables him to decide on the best type of implant to use, shows him the best position for placement and also ensures that he can avoid any nerves and sinuses. He gets far greater detail than can ever be achieved with X-rays. Of course, the 3D CAT scanner is more expensive than an X-ray machine, but we hope this gives you some idea that Dr Rabinovich will provide nothing less than the very best for his patients.

Searching for “cheap dental implants Bay Area” will bring up some results, but if you search for “BEST dental implants Bay Area” you will find San Francisco Dental Implants Center comes at the top of the search results. With that said, while we are not the cheapest in the Bay Area we are by no means the most expensive either. Dr Rabinovich believes that his skills should be available to everyone, and to that end he also provides a very wide range of different payment options, with something that is affordable for anyone. There are also discounts available for senior citizens.

Dr Rabinovich offers an initial consult to all patients, so to make an appointment simply click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via Foter.com / CC BY