People often ask about dental implants cost, and yes, we hold up our hands, they are more expensive than dentures or a bridge. But then, the best of anything usually is more expensive than the also-rans.

dental implants

Photo credit: El Ronzo via / CC BY-ND

What would you rather have – a Nissan Versa Sedan or a Cadillac XTS?

It’s true, isn’t it? Given that they could afford it, 99% of people would go for the Cadillac, and why not? If you can afford it, why not have the best of everything? Gosh, we know that here in the San Francisco Bay Area as we have the “best” weather in the USA and we certainly “pay for it” with high housing costs!

More Than Meets The Eye: Dental Implants

However, when it comes to dental implants cost there is more to it than meets the eye. Having dental implants is an investment in your future. Many people judge you on your smile, and if your smile shows gaps in your teeth they can be put off. Yes, we know that doesn’t mean that you are worth less as a person, but that is how many folk view you. You may also feel embarrassed to show your smile at all which can lead to people thinking that you are a miserable so-and-so who doesn’t like them very much, or doesn’t think their jokes are funny.

Now put yourself in the position where you are job-seeking or want to ask the boss for a raise. You could be stuck in that dead-end job for years or not even get the job at all, simply because you are embarrassed to smile because of unsightly gaps in your teeth – which are not your fault at all. It’s just something which happens. However well you look after your teeth, most people gradually lose them as they age.

The Way Ahead

Without a doubt, dental implants are the way ahead in the 21st century. Who would want dentures (think Nissan Versa Sedan) or a bridge, which involves cutting down two perfectly good teeth on either side of a missing one, when you could have dental implants (think Cadillac XTS)?

And the fact is that you CAN have dental implants. No matter what your income level, our San Francisco-based doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, believes that dental implants should be available for everyone, and for that reason he has arranged financial options with a variety of different providers so that you can find a plan which is affordable. This includes a plan which carries no interest whatsoever if it is paid off in 18 months.

So don’t look at dental implants cost, look at dental implants investment, for that is what it really is. Dental implants are an investment in your future, in your smile, and in your confidence. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area – let’s face it – people judge by appearance, and don’t you want to look your best?

Dr Rabinovich believes so strongly that dental implants should be available to everyone that he offers every patient an initial consult in order that you can get the answers to all your questions. To book yours, call (415) 992-9188 or email

Photo credit: El Ronzo via / CC BY-ND