Hey! The toll on the Golden Gate Bridge has just gone up to $7.50! Ouch, that’s a lot if you have to cross it every day from Marin County in order to work in San Francisco.

Marin Dental Implants

Photo credit: Flavio~ via Foter.com / CC BY

However, it’s a drop in the ocean if you need Marin County dental implants. It is nothing compared to the kind of quality dental implants that you CAN get in San Francisco, but you can NOT get in Marin County. Plus, there’s another benefit: crossing the Golden Gate is just beautiful!

Yes, sure, you’d expect us to say that, but it happens to be true. Crossing the Golden Gate IS beautiful. And the quality of Marin County dental implants in no way compares with the type of treatment you can get in SF.

We are not for a moment saying that there are no good dental surgeons in Marin County, but the simple fact is that they do not have the expertise, the long list of qualifications, and the many years of hands-on experience that Dr Alex Rabinovich of the San Francisco Dental Implant Center does.

A World Leading Expert in Dental Implants Just Across from Marin

Dr Rabinovich is one of the leading experts on dental implants not just in the Bay Area but in the whole world. Why else would organizers of dental conferences the world over ask him to speak at the conventions that they run? He has carried out thousands of dental implant treatments for patients in the Bay Area and he has patients coming from further afield who want to have the very best treatment available anywhere.

Not only is Dr Rabinovich a world-leading dental implant specialist, he is also a qualified Maxillo-Facial Surgeon who carries out facial reconstruction for patients who may have been in serious accidents or who suffer from deformities, and Corrective Jaw Surgery.

So when you are considering Marin County dental implants it would be a serious mistake not to talk to one of the top dental implant surgeons in the world when he is only a few miles away across the Bridge (in the Financial District of San Francisco, actually).

Discounts on Dental Implants

You might think that Dr Rabinovich would be extremely expensive, but the fact is that he offers special discounts such as $250 off a dental implant for Senior Citizens, and $500 off two or more implants. He also has a wide choice of financial plans available, including one that charges no interest whatsoever if paid off in full within 6 months.

In addition, Dr Rabinovich offers an initial consult to every patient. If you want Marin County dental implants, don’t stay in Marin County: cross the Golden Gate Bridge and get nothing less than the best.

Photo credit: Flavio~ via Foter.com / CC BY