Many people want to know the cost of dental implants in Oakland, but there is no straightforward answer. It depends. It depends on how many implants you need, the doctor that you choose, and whether or not you have any insurance which may, or may not, cover all or part of it.

There are variables when it comes to the cost of dental implants in Oakland.

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And it also depends on the quality of the dental implants because you can get “cheap” dental implants that are imported, or you can get best-in-class dental implants which are made here in the USA. When we say “cheap”, no dental implants are going to be cheap, but some of them are of a lower quality so are a bit less expensive.

Here at San Francisco Dental Implant Center, we will never use anything other than the very best dental implants for our patients because we have respect for them. So, the dental implants that we use are made here by Nobel Biocare. We don’t use imports and we never will. Our patients want their dental implants to last, and so do we.

The Cost Is Secondary

In any case, we have always taken the view that the cost of dental implants in Oakland – or anywhere else – is of secondary importance to the quality, and that includes the skills of the doctor. There are quite a number of general dentists who do dental implant work from time to time, having taken a weekend course at a convention. At San Francisco Dental Implant Center, our name is a bit of a giveaway. Dental implants are what we do – not just the odd ones now and again. Our doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is a specialist at what he does and has done thousands of dental implant surgeries, so you may well be better off taking a trip across the Bay and coming to see him for a consultation.

We also use a specialist 3D scanner rather than simple X-rays, because this gives us a complete picture of your jawbone and enables us to see where the nerves run, and therefore avoid damaging them.

When you book a consultation with us, we can also discuss your insurance with you and see if you qualify for part or all of the cost, which may be the case. If not, don’t worry. We offer a huge choice of different finance plans for dental implants, some of which are interest-free if paid off within 6 months. So, there is no need to worry about the cost of dental implants in Oakland: just book your consult by clicking on the Consult link at the top of the page.