If you are thinking of getting dental implants, they are certainly the best option for many people who have missing teeth. Get a second opinion for dental implants.However, there are a couple of things to take into consideration. You don’t want the cheapest dental implants. You don’t want the quickest. You want the best dental implants for you.

Moreover, while dental implants are the best option for most people, there are some people who are not suitable for them. For this reason alone, you need a second opinion.

Fortunately, our Dr. Alex Rabinovich at San Francisco Dental Implant Center is more than happy to give you a dental implants second opinion, and regardless of whether you go with him or another dental implant specialist, you’ll know that you’ve considered your options in a systematic way!

As you can see from our name, we are dental implants specialists. It’s what we do. In fact, they are the best option for most people who have missing teeth, whether it is just one tooth or several. The simple fact is that they look, feel, and function exactly like the original tooth or teeth did.

Other options for missing teeth of course include dentures and a bridge. However, a bridge requires the two teeth on either side of the missing one to be cut down in order to accommodate the bridge, so you are cutting down two perfectly good teeth.

Dentures Are Not Even In The Same League

Dentures can work for some people but compared with dental implants they are not even in the same league. The first month with dentures is hard because you have to get used to talking with them, and you shouldn’t try to eat hard foods until you have “run them in”, so to speak. You should also try to chew foods evenly on both sides of the mouth. They may also feel loose when eating, even with an adhesive, and if this is the case you need to see your dentist to get them adjusted.

With dental implants, however, you have none of these issues. The implant itself is a titanium screw which is inserted into the jawbone which will grow tightly around the screw. The crown is fitted on top of the implant, and it works in exactly the same way that the original tooth or teeth did. Furthermore, you can actually replace all of the teeth on a jaw with just four dental implants.

As we said, there are a few people who are not suitable for dental implants, and this will depend upon the jawbone. The best thing to do is to book a consultation with Dr. Rabinovich for a dental implants second opinion and he will be able to advise you