If you only knew Haight-Ashbury from the “Swinging Sixties” you wouldn’t recognize it today. Back in 1967 – the Summer of Love – it was the place in the city for the hippies to hang out (“Let it all hang out, man”). This was the place where the saying “If you can remember the sixties, you weren’t there” was born. A lot of the hippies were so full of dope they couldn’t remember their own names.

Somewhere along the line all that changed. The hippies disappeared, and the yuppies took over. They bought up all of the beautiful Victorian homes, and the place filled up with smart boutiques, expensive restaurants and trendy cafes to cater for these people who seemed to have limitless supplies of money. In short, Haight-Ashbury had a complete makeover.

Something Else That Could Use A Makeover

Here is something else that could maybe use a complete makeover – your smile. In days goneHaight-Ashbury, San Francisco, has changed considerably by, when people lost teeth as the years passed, the only answer was either dentures or a bridge. Neither of these was a satisfactory way of replacing missing teeth, and they are still not satisfactory today – at least in the view of many people.

Dentures involve having something foreign in your mouth, by definition. They can work reasonably well for a while, but as time passes and your mouth changes they start to slip when you eat. In any event, with dentures you will never be able to eat all the foods that you want to, like nuts and other things that are difficult to chew.

A bridge might be OK if you only need one tooth replaced and you are not bothered by the fact that you have to have two perfectly good teeth – one either side of the missing tooth – cut down to support it.

Neither of these “solutions” is ideal

But suppose you could have your missing teeth replaced with ones that work as well as the ones that you have lost?

You Can Have Just That

The truth is that, with Haight-Ashbury dental implants, you can have just that. A tooth or teeth – however many you need – can now be replaced with implants that work just as well as your original teeth ever did. You can eat anything that you wish, because Haight-Ashbury dental implants are the nearest thing you can get to the adult teeth that you have had since you were a kid.

In fact, in some respects, they are even better, because they are not going to succumb to any diseases of the mouth, and they won’t need fillings. Once you have Haight-Ashbury dental implants, they are there for life, so you can smile once again in the certain knowledge that nobody will ever suspect that they are not your own teeth.

At SF Dental Implants we are the city’s specialists. If you need a filling or you want dentures, then – sorry – we don’t do those. We do nothing other than dental implants, and we have probably carried out more implant work than any other dentist or doctor in the Bay area.

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