It’s a fact that Haight Ashbury became a very popular district in which to live in the 1960’s. It was full of hippies and “flower power” people, who also had an unfortunate habit of taking drugs. In fact, drug use in the area was pretty much out of control.

Of course, today times have changed and people are far more health conscious.

Drugs Can Damage Teeth / Dental Implants Can Fix Them

Unfortunately, drug use can cause damage to teeth, and we now find that we Dental Implants, Dentists & Haight Ashbury of San Franciscosee patients who have problems as a direct result of using drugs. They have reformed, and they now want to look their absolute best, and Haight Ashbury dental implants are the answer. That’s just fine with us. We are a no judgment zone, and we respect the fact that some people have seen the error of their ways and now want to live clean and healthy lives. Our mission is to help them to do so.

If you have been struggling with missing or loose teeth, or perhaps dentures (how old-fashioned are those, now?) then dental implants are the answer. They will perform in exactly the same way as your original teeth, and enable you to eat foods that you may not have been able to eat in years. What is even better is that they will put a smile on your face. You’ll smile because you can eat again, and you will smile just because you can smile without any embarrassment. What could be better?

A Wide Range Of Financial Options for Affordable Dental Implants

Some people are worried about the cost of Haight Ashbury dental implants, but there is no need to be. At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we accept all major credit cards. We also have a wide range of financial options, including one where there is no interest to pay.

On top of that, we offer Senior Citizen Discounts. You can get $250 off each dental implant if you are a senior citizen.

Furthermore, all patients can get $500 off two or more Haight Ashbury dental implants.

We Do Not Offer “Cheap” Dental Implants

While we are happy to offer these discounts, we do not do “cheap” dental implants. We do affordable dental implants. There is a difference. You can get dental implants that use cheap materials from abroad, but we will never use those. Once you have got dental implants, you want them to last you for life and that is what they should do. You don’t want to be running backwards and forwards to the dentist’s office because something has gone wrong. Affordable, certainly, but not “cheap”.

So for Haight Ashbury dental implants, you are on the right website. While you are here, give us a call on (415) 992-9188, or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page, and the doctor will be happy to arrange an initial consult for you.