Dental implants are a way to replace the roots of missing teeth. While the result looks natural, it is constructed using titanium and serves as a solid foundation for your new tooth or teeth. Unlike bridges, dental implants give you the option of a removable or fixed solution to missing teeth.

If you live in Oakland, CA, the team you trust for dental implants is the SF Dental Implant Center. Learn more about the procedure’s benefits, how it works, and why you should trust us below!

The Benefits of Dental Implants near Oakland

The spaces left vacant by missing teeth can quickly become cesspools for bacteria. Furthermore, your ability to eat and speak may be compromised by missing teeth. Dental implants can give you a better look, better speech, more comfort, and an easier time eating. More importantly, dental implants can create better oral health, as implants don’t require the reduction of other teeth as bridges do. They also allow for better access between teeth, and effectively cleaning these areas goes a long way toward a healthy mouth.

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