People who are looking for dental implants often search for “cheap” dental implants, but that is something that you should never do.

Teeth implants in San Francisco

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When you have dental implants, they become a part of your body and for that reason, you must have nothing but the very best.

Affordable dental implants are another matter entirely. No dental implants are going to be “cheap” in the sense of spending, say, a couple of hundred dollars. All dental implants are going to cost a significant amount, but that is another reason why you shouldn’t search for cheap dental implants. Certainly, you can get “cheap” dental implants, especially if you care to travel down to Mexico. But in this instance, “cheap” means not the best quality. Do you want second-rate dental implants that are foreign imports? Yes, you can get them.

At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we have nothing whatsoever to do with cheap foreign imports. We use only the top-quality implants manufactured by NobelBiocare, but we do provide them at affordable prices.

Not only do we provide top-quality affordable dental implants, but we also take a wide range of different payments, and we can offer you a choice of multiple different finance options so that you can get one that fits in with your budget. Our dental implants are offered at a fair price – less, we may add than some alternatives – and with a payment plan which suits your budget if you don’t have sufficient funds to pay cash. That is what we mean by affordable: a fair price and a payment plan that you can manage without any worry. We also accept all major credit cards if you prefer to use that method of payment.

You May Be Covered By Insurance

It may also be that your insurance can cover part or all of your dental implants and if this is the case we are happy to bill your insurance company direct. Furthermore, if you are happy to pay in full for any treatment over $1,000 at the start of the treatment, we will offer you a 5% courtesy discount as well. In addition, we offer senior citizens a $250 discount on each implant.

So whatever your individual situation, at San Francisco Dental Implant Center we can provide you with the finest dental implants at a price that is affordable. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

But whatever you do – whether you come to us or not – please do not search for “cheap” dental implants because you will likely find them and finish up thoroughly disappointed.

If you would like to discuss your options in more detail, our Dr Rabinovich is happy to provide all patients an initial consult which you can get by clicking on the Consult link at the top of the page.


Photo credit: Flavio~ via / CC BY