Getting a second opinion is a critical step in any major surgery. You only have one body, and it’s a big deal to have an operation, even if it is not a major one. This goes for any sort of operation, including dental implants.Dental Implants that are affordable in San Francisco, California.

OK, dental implants are not major surgery. Having dental implants is not like a heart transplant or brain surgery. But even so, it is a form of operation, and it is one that will make your life a lot more pleasant than having missing teeth with gaps that show or using dentures (which are so “last century”).

But with that said, if you are considering dental implants and live or work in San Francisco, we would say that you are most certainly heading in the right direction. When you have dental implants, you are not doing any damage to perfectly good existing teeth which is what happens if you should decide to have a bridge to replace a missing tooth. Yes, if you didn’t know, when you have a bridge, the dentist has to cut down the teeth on either side of the missing one in order to support the bridge!

Dental Implants Work In Exactly The Same Way As The Original Teeth

In fact, dental implants are simply a replacement for the missing ones, but they work in exactly the same way. The implant itself is a titanium screw which is inserted into the jawbone, which then grows tightly around the implant so that it becomes just like the original tooth root. The crown is then fitted on top, and you now have a tooth just like the original which works in the same way. Not only that, but you get your smile back too!

However, as we said, it is still a form of surgery and so you need to get a second opinion even if you have already had a consultation. At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we are happy to provide all patients with a free consultation on dental implants.

Since it is a free consultation on dental implants it will cost you nothing other than a half hour or so of your time to meet our Dr. Rabinovich or Dr. Sandler when they will carry out an oral examination and use our specialist 3D CAT scanner. This provides them with a three-dimensional picture so that they can examine the quality and density of the jawbone. You cannot get such a picture with an ordinary X-ray.

The 3D scan will also enable them to select the right type and size of implants and in addition identify the precise placement of the implants in order to avoid any nerves and sinuses.

So, for a free consultation on dental implants, click on the Free Consult link at the top of the page.