If you are looking for dental implants, our name – San Francisco Dental Implant Center – is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it? It tells you that first we focus on dental implants, and second, we are located in San Francisco. Who would have guessed?!A dental implant center that provides the full range of oral surgery.

However, our dental implant specialists do not only provide San Francisco dental implants but can offer every type of oral surgery that you may need. They can evaluate your individual situation and carry out many other therapies as well, such as wisdom teeth extraction, for instance, which has nothing to do with dental implants.

Wisdom teeth extraction is something that most people are going to need fairly early on in life. Wisdom teeth are your third molars and the last teeth to erupt in your mouth. In some people they cause no issues whatsoever, but they are the lucky few. In most people, wisdom teeth can cause a range of different problems. The issue is that over thousands of years our jawbones have altered because we do not need wisdom teeth any longer – much in the same way that we don’t need our appendix.

No Room For The Teeth To Erupt

Because the jawbone has become shorter, there is no room in most people for the wisdom teeth to erupt perfectly and so they can grow sideways, partially emerge from the gum, and even stay trapped between the gum and the bone. When they partially erupt there will be a gap around the tooth which will allow bacteria to grow and that will cause an infection. The wisdom teeth can also dislodge other perfectly good teeth and knock them out of alignment.

In the worst-case scenario cysts or tumors may form around the partially erupted teeth and this can result in destruction of other teeth and the jawbone. This is why wisdom teeth need to be removed in order to solve these issues, and in many cases the sooner the better. The earlier the wisdom teeth are removed, the less chance of any ongoing problems there are. With an oral examination and X-rays, our doctor can predict if there are any present or likely future problems.

In most cases, wisdom teeth removal can be performed under local anesthetic in our state-of-the-art office in the Financial District. When they have been removed, the gum is sutured. We provide pain killers and antibiotics, and you will need a further appointment a week later to remove the sutures.

So, yes, of course we provide San Francisco dental implants, but we can also carry out any other type of oral surgery that you need.