At San Francisco Dental Implant Center, we love Yelp! We often turn to Yelp when our office staff is looking for the new “hot” lunch or dinner place in the Bay Area, and by hot we mean “trendy”.

For great dental implants reviews, check us out on Yelp.

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Among the “trends” are people who are considering dental implants and want to find the best dental implant specialists in San Francisco Bay Area.

Fortunately, if you check out dental implants on Yelp in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will come across us at San Francisco Dental Implant Center and you will find some first-class reviews. Take a look for yourself, and you will see what we mean.

This is because our dental implant specialist, that is, Dr. Alex Rabinovich, is a true top-rated specialist in dental implants. When you are considering dental implants, you want to use the services of a doctor who knows what he is doing and has all of the latest equipment. Now it is quite true that there are some general dentists who carry out dental implant work from time to time. Perhaps they will do two or three a month, having done a weekend course on dental implants.

Our doctor carries out dental implant work every day. We only use the very finest dental implants manufactured by NobelBiocare – they won’t have anything to do with cheap imports. (When we say “cheap” we just mean relatively cheap. We know that dental implants could not be described as “cheap”, but then the best of anything never is).

The Latest NewTom 3D CAT Scanner

Our doctor also uses the latest NewTom 3D CAT scanner which gives a perfect picture of your jawbone and is a vast improvement over X-rays. It gives a three-dimensional and cross-sectional view, and it shows existing teeth, nerves, and tissue, and enables the doctor to avoid damaging any nerves or sinuses when carrying out the procedure. This is another reason for the great reviews on our dental implants on Yelp in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The CAT scan enables the doctor to determine the precise placement of the dental implants and will also enable him to select the correct type and size of the implants as well. Furthermore, the CAT scan only takes 20 seconds to provide the doctor with all this information. The NewTom CAT scanner was not cheap but was a wonderful investment.

Let’s face it, when you are investing in dental implants you want the best of the best, and that is what you get at San Francisco Dental Implant Center. And it is also why we have such great reviews on our dental implants on Yelp in the San Francisco Bay Area.