Hardly anyone in the world goes through their life with a full set of teeth. For one reason or another, we can lose the odd one here and there. Dental implants vs. dentures - which is the best choice?Over the years, we can lose quite a lot of teeth. Furthermore, some people are just unlucky and suffer trauma in something such as a car accident and lose a lot of teeth in one go.

Now it is true that some people just accept missing teeth as a fact of life – which they are – and carry on regardless. However, if you want the perfect smile back once more and to be able to eat all the different types of food that you like, then you need to do something about replacing those missing teeth.

True, if you only have one missing tooth, you can have it replaced with a bridge. However, that means that you have to cut down two perfectly good teeth on either side of the missing one in order to support the bridge. All things considered, that is probably not a very good idea.

Two Options for Improving Your Smile

That leaves you with one of two options: dental implants vs. dentures. So, which is best?

When it comes to dental implants vs. dentures, the less expensive option is always dentures. Dental implants will cost more. But then, the best of anything usually costs more than any alternative, so it is a question of balancing up your options. Do you want the best – dental implants? Or do you want the cheapest – dentures? Answers on a postcard!

Let’s look at the differences. Dentures are made from materials which replicate the teeth that you are missing and are fitted inside the mouth connected to a plate which you have to fix in place using glues. This is to stop them from slipping about, although it has to be said that after some time, dentures can start slipping about when you eat anyway. In fact, some people have been known to throw their head back and laugh at a joke and find that the dentures fall out of their mouth! Very embarrassing. You also have to take the dentures out at night and clean them in a glass of water, ready to pop back in tomorrow.

Dental implants are different in that they are implanted into the jawbone in the same way that the roots of the original missing teeth were. Once in and located, they cannot slip about, fall out, or do anything else. They are exactly like the original teeth and work in the same way. No glues. No slipping about.

So that is the choice: dental implants vs. dentures. It’s really a no-brainer, isn’t it?