If you are looking for San Francisco dental implants, you need to come to San Francisco Dental Implant Center. Our name is a bit of a giveaway, because it tells you where we are and what we do. First, we are in San Francisco – in the Financial District actually – and second, we focus on San Francisco dental implants. That is a large part of our daily work.

However, we do not only provide dental implants. Our oral surgeons can provide you with any sort of oral surgery that you may need, as they are qualified to undertake all sorts of procedures, such as wisdom teeth extraction for instance.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Serious Problems

Wisdom teeth can cause real problems for many people – in fact for the majority of people.The name San Francisco Dental Implant Center says it all They are the third molars, and they normally erupt in your middle to late teens. Sometimes they cause no issues, but for most people there is a problem. This is because there is usually insufficient room for them to grow. Back in the day, our ancestors needed wisdom teeth because of the hard foods that they needed to chew, but today, we don’t need them. As a result, over the years our jawbones have grown a little smaller so there is insufficient room for them, but they still grow. This is rather like the appendix which we also don’t need today.

The upshot of all this is that the wisdom teeth can grow at angles, get stuck in the jawbone, and cause all sorts of issues as they try to find a space in which to erupt. They can push other teeth out of alignment and/or cause gaps in which bacteria can breed. In the worst cases, cysts and tumors may form around impacted wisdom teeth and this can lead to destruction of the jawbone and other perfectly healthy teeth.

This is why wisdom teeth extraction is a recommended procedure for the majority of people, and the sooner it is carried out the better. It has been shown that early removal of wisdom teeth avoids problems occurring in the future and leads to decreased surgical risk.

Obviously, we do undertake a lot of San Francisco dental implants because they are the ultimate answer to missing teeth. If you have dentures that are slipping about when you eat, or missing teeth, dental implants are the perfect solution because they are as near as you can get to the same function as the original tooth. You also get to recover your lost smile, which is a great confidence booster for most people.