It’s 2022 and, as always, it’s time to plan for a better year. One thing that many people are doing in order to improve their lives is looking for dental implants. If you are too, then good for you. They are, without doubt, the best replacement for missing teeth that you could possibly have.

Look for the best dental implants, not the cheapest.

Photo credit: Flavio~ via / CC BY

Of course, it may be that you are looking for “cheap” dental implants, and while one can to some extent understand that, it is not the right way to go. Certainly, if you take a trip down to Mexico, or fly off to somewhere like Turkey, you can get dental implants for less than you can in San Francisco.

But you don’t want “cheap” dental implants. You want the best dental implants and that is what we provide here at San Francisco Dental Implant Center. Even here in the US, it is possible to get dental implants at a slightly lower price than the ones that we provide, but we do what’s best for each and every dental implant patient, not what is “cheapest” in the short run.

When you are paying for dental implants, you want them to last for life, and indeed the best dental implants can do just that. The only implants that we provide for our patients are made right here in the US by Nobel Biocare, and we would not consider using any others.

Dental Implants Are What We Do

Our expertise in fitting dental implants in San Francisco is well-known, and is one reason why we called ourselves San Francisco Dental Implant Center. It is what we do. And it is why people with missing teeth who want the best dental implants come to us. Certainly, they may cost a little more – not a lot more, but a little more – than other providers, but dental implants are not something which you can’t take lightly. You absolutely do need the best.

Not only that, but at San Francisco Dental Implant Center we can offer you a whole range of different finance options. So, if you need to obtain credit for part or all of your dental implant procedure, we have a plan which will suit your budget. We have multiple financing providers including Chase Health Advance and CareCredit.

So, whatever you do, don’t opt for “cheap” dental implants. Choose the best.