Japantown, also known as Nihonmachi, is one of San Francisco’s historic neighborhoods, with specialty grocery stores, karaoke bars, Asian day spas, and gift shops.

Eating sushi in Japantown needs great teeth

Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via Foter.com / CC BY

It also has wonderful Japanese restaurants serving sushi, shabu-shabu, and ramen. Waraku serves ramen, and Isobune is a sushi restaurant.

Of course, to eat that great food you need great teeth and that may mean that you need to find dental implants in Japantown, in order to look – and eat – your best.

At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we are not in Japantown, but we’re less than a couple of miles away in the Financial District and we can fulfil all your needs for dental implants whether you’re in Japantown or not. Indeed, patients come to us from all over the Bay Area and further afield for dental implants because our doctor, Alex Rabinovich, DDS, MD, is known far and wide as one of the top dental implant surgeons not just in the Bay Area, but in the world. His expertise is such that he is frequently called upon to speak at dental conventions around the world, he has conducted clinical research, and he is the author of several medical articles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Implants

Patients frequently ask us questions about dental implants. They are small screws which are inserted into the jawbone and support an artificial tooth which provides the exact function and look of the original tooth or teeth. The dental implants used at San Francisco Dental Implant Center are made from the finest titanium which is biocompatible and extremely strong. They provide a bite pressure equal to natural teeth and they cannot decay, nor do they require root canals. Once you have dental implants they should last for your lifetime.

If you are a wearer of dentures but decide to opt for dental implants they will greatly improve your chewing and speaking abilities, and you will never again have to worry about adhesives, slipping and sliding, or clicking. More good news about dental implants is that they are suitable for the vast majority of patients.

Dental implants are not cheap, but they are the very best option for anyone with missing teeth and we believe that they should be available to all. For that reason we accept most dental insurance programs used by major employers in the Bay Area, and we also have a range of finance options including a plan with no interest if paid within 6 months. We accept all major credit cards and have many financing providers including Chase Health Advance and CareCredit.

So if you want to enjoy life once more looking, speaking, and eating your best then talk to us about Japantown dental implants. Dr Rabinovich offers all patients an initial consult, so call us on (415) 992-9188 to arrange an appointment.

Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via Foter.com / CC BY