If you are considering Noe Valley dental implants, it is wise to look a little further than Stroller Town as it’s known locally.

Noe Valley Dental Implants

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Certainly, there may be one or two Noe Valley dentists who do dental implants in the area and they may sometimes undertake dental implant work, but if you want a guarantee that you are going to get the best Noe Valley dental implants you really do need to see a specialist.

It’s a fact that although there are some very good general dentists in the Bay Area, most of them are just that – general dentists. They undertake a whole range of dental work and probably don’t do dental implants all that often. When you are considering dental implants it is better to consult someone who does them every day and therefore has a lot more experience than a general dentist.

A similar issue might be if you needed your home rewired. You most certainly wouldn’t give the job to a general builder – you would hire an electrician. Sure, a general builder might know how to do it, and might even tackle it, but you wouldn’t be confident that he would do the job perfectly.

Look Outside Noe Valley for Dental Implants

So when you need Noe Valley dental implants look outside Noe Valley. By far the most respected dental implant specialist in the Bay Area is Dr Alex Rabinovich, and his office is in Sacramento Street in the Financial District. Indeed, the name of his office is San Francisco Dental Implant Center. While he is perfectly competent to do a filling, for example, Dr Rabinovich doesn’t do that. He leaves that to the general dentists while he works on his specialty – dental implants.

Dr Rabinovich has the latest state-of-the-art 3D CAT scanner which is used in preference to the X-rays employed by many dentists. The CAT scan only takes about 20 seconds and allows for a detailed study of the existing teeth, bone, nerves, and tissue. This lets Dr Rabinovich examine the density and quality of the jawbone, decide upon the proper treatment for each patient, determine the exact placement of the implant or implants, and ascertain the correct type and size of the implants to be used. The scan also shows the doctor where the nerves and sinuses are so that these can be avoided.

As can be seen, all of this is undertaken at the initial consultation and produces considerably more detail than can be obtained by using X-rays. One can begin to understand just how complex dental implant surgery can be. If you want dental implants that are going to last, then you obviously want to have the best. At San Francisco Dental Implant Center you get nothing less.

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via Foter.com / CC BY-SA