We love UCSF! We are so proud and lucky to have the University of California, San Francisco, in our city. UCSF Dental ImplantsIt’s known as one of the top research universities in the country, and deservedly so. However, when it comes to UCSF dental implants, you should at the very least get a second opinion from a practitioner like our Dr Rabinovich who does them day in and day out.

This gentleman is a top oral and maxillofacial surgeons with many years of experience, and has a long list of qualifications. When it comes to dental implants it is, in a sense, like anything else. There are people who are very good at them in San Francisco, and there are people who are not so good. The top surgeons are top surgeons for the reason that they have spent years in training, and dental implants are their specialty. In fact, our doctor is not available for general dentistry such as carrying out fillings or bridge work: he is totally competent to do those sorts of work, but is a specialist in dental implants.

Get A Second Opinion if Considering UCSF Dental Implants

We understand that you can get UCSF dental implants, but it is always worth getting a second opinion before you go ahead. If you are considering dental implants they will not be cheap, wherever you get them done. However, some may be less expensive than others because – as with everything in life – there are always options. At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we never use anything less than the finest quality implants that you can find.

Certainly, there are cheap imitations which are imported but we would never use them for our patients because we have too much respect for them. When you have dental implants, you are making an investment, so it doesn’t pay to cut a few corners and save a few dollars by using cheap materials. You want your dental implants to last for the rest of your life, not to have trouble with them after a year or two.

If you are considering UCSF dental implants there is another factor in the equation and that is the equipment that is used. We have no idea what might be used at UCSF, but at San Francisco Dental Implant Center we only use the very best. So we don’t use X-rays, because we have the very latest scanners which give our doctor a complete 3D picture of your jawbone in 20 seconds. This enables him to see very clearly any nerves which must be avoided, and exactly where the implants should be placed for maximum performance, and even which type of implant is the best for your particular situation.

Everybody is different, and with dental implants it has to be right first time.