It’s a scary thought, but it is only a few weeks to Christmas. It seems like only yesterday that we took the Christmas decorations down, but any moment now we are going to have to put back them up again! Turkey and pumpkin pie anyone?

All on Four in San Francisco

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It will also very soon be time to make out those Christmas lists for presents for all the family and friends. Now while you are thinking about everyone else, what about a Christmas present for yourself? When you stop to consider it, it’s amazing that at times like Thanksgiving and Christmas we think about everyone else but never think of ourselves.

Time For San Francisco Dental Implants

That should all be about to change. If you are suffering from missing teeth or you have dentures that slip about whenever you try to eat, and worse still simply can’t eat a lot of the foods that you used to enjoy, then it’s time for San Francisco dental implants. Just as bad when you have missing teeth is the fact that you feel embarrassed when out and about in company, because when you smile or laugh everyone else will see the missing teeth. It’s true that there are a few people who don’t care, but for most of us it is acutely embarrassing.

The fact is that we are now in the 21st century and there is a very simple solution: San Francisco dental implants. If you start right now you will literally be laughing by Christmas. You’ll be able to eat walnuts on Christmas Day if you wish. Think what a difference that will make to your holiday.

“All On Four” Dental Implants in San Francisco

A relatively new procedure is called “all on four” or “teeth in a day”. It lets you enter our office in the morning and leave with your brand new smile at the end of the day. It involves placing four or more implants into a jawbone when a bridge replacing all of the teeth on that jaw can then be attached. This is because the load is distributed over four or more implants and so they can be utilized immediately. Our doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, likes to use five or even six implants because if four are used and one should fail at some point the bridge can no longer be utilized and more implants will be needed. Using five or six implants makes this much less likely.

Dr Rabinovich is happy to offer an initial consult to all new patients so that he can assess your suitability for an “all on four” procedure, and in turn he can answer all of your questions. To book your consult just call the office on (415) 992-9188 or email

Photo credit: pallina60 Loon via / CC BY