SoMa, or “South of Market”, is right near the Oracle Ballpark in San Francisco. It’s known as a techie area of San Francisco and it’s become a hip-and-happening place for the technological cognoscenti. Maybe we should call them TeCo’s? SoMa TeCo. Has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?Dental Implants

But guess what? Just because they’re all clever and understand tech stuff doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from tooth problems, including tooth loss, just like the rest of us ordinary mortals. Unfortunately for TeCo’s, tooth loss doesn’t discriminate in their favor. It can happen to anyone. So they can be in need of dental implants South of Market as much as anyone else.

If you live in SoMa, whether you’re a TeCo or not, and you are having problems with your smile or problems with eating because you can’t chew properly, then the answer today is dental implants South of Market. Not dentures. Oh yes, you can still get those. But do you really want a foreign object stuck in your mouth that can slip and slide about when you eat and still not let you eat anything that you want?

About As Much Use As Last Year’s Newspapers

About the only possible argument in favor of dentures today is the fact that they cost less than a dental implant. That aside, they are about as much use as last year’s newspapers. No, dental implants South of Market are not “cheap”, but then the best of anything is never cheap. And in any case, at San Francisco Dental Implant Center we have a huge choice of different financial plans, so there is bound to be one that fits in with your budget and circumstances. What would you rather do: have the very best or settle for dentures?

Furthermore, our office in Sacramento St in the Financial District is only a few minutes away on the MUNI. What’s more, our doctor, Dr. Alex Rabinovich, is very happy to offer you a consult if you are considering dental implants South of Market. There is no obligation, and he can assess you and answer all your questions.

Dental implants are as near as you can get to getting your original tooth or teeth back. In fact, if you don’t tell anyone that you have got a dental implant, they will never be able to guess in a million years. You can smile and laugh once again without feeling all that embarrassment that you get when you have gaps in your teeth. You can also eat anything that you want. Nuts? Corn on the cob? Apples? You name it.

So book your consult this minute. It’s simple. At the top of the page is a link called “Consult”.