Titanium was first discovered in 1791 by William Gregor, a British clergyman and mineralogist. It is the ninth most common metal in the earth’s crust, and was named after the Greek word titans, which means “first sons of the earth”. Pure titanium was first produce in 1910 by an American metallurgist, Matthew A. Hunter.

Titanium is both strong and light. As strong as steel, it is 45% lighter, while itTitanium and Dental Implants is twice the strength of aluminum, yet only 60% heavier. As it does not cause any reaction within the human body, it is used to make artificial hip joints, pins for setting broken bones – and dental implants. When used as a dental implant, it is screwed into the jawbone, and the bone and implant bond together, which gives a rock solid connection.

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Titanium has a melting point of 1660°C and a boiling point of 3287°C, so however hot you like your coffee, it is not going to affect your dental implants one way or the other.

Titanium is very resistant to corrosion in salt water, and for this reason is used in propeller shafts, rigging, and other boat parts that can be exposed to seawater. Because of its low weight, overall strength, and resistance to very high temperatures, it is also used in aircraft, missiles, and rockets.

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In addition to that, when you order a can of brilliant white paint for your ceiling, you will find titanium in that. In fact, that is the most common use of titanium. It is also used in fireworks, which are often just pure titanium mixed with potassium perchlorate. In addition, titanium is a very popular metal in the bike industry, is used to make golf clubs (Tiger Woods is a big fan), and is even used to make jewelry.

Furthermore, titanium is the only element that will burn in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen. (We just knew you’d be impressed by that!).

There is even an International Titanium Association which has 200 international organizations as members, together with 1,500 individuals.

The only problem with titanium is that it’s expensive. You would think that, being one of the most common elements in the earth’s crust, it would be cheap. However, we are talking pure titanium here, and the process is costly.

This means that dental implants are not cheap, either. However, there is no better alternative, and the results are nothing short of stellar.

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