If you are thinking of having dental implants in San Francisco, there are a number of things you should take into consideration. Strangely enough, cost is not very high on the list.

The most important considerations are to do with the expertise of your dental surgeon. Many dentists who refer to themselves as implant specialists may not, in fact, be exactly that. Dental implants may simply be one of a whole range of services a particular dentist deals with, and he may have little experience of implants.

Choose a Dental Implant Specialist with Experience

Dental Implants in San Francisco, California - some tips.

Indeed, a dentist may just have attended a few weekend courses, or he may simply have gone on a course offered by an implant company. In fact, it takes several years of training and hands on experience before a San Francisco dentist may be regarded as fully qualified in implant surgery. It is well worth asking how many years a dentist has been involved with implant surgery.

Dr Alex Rabinovich of San Francisco Dental Implants has spent many years as a dental implant specialist, and is also a fully qualified maxillofacial surgeon. He was selected to pursue a fellowship at Georgetown University/Posnick Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, and has worked with some of the world’s leading surgeons in the field from both Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities. He is also a specialist in Corrective Jaw Surgery and Facial Reconstruction. He has completed several thousand dental implant and bone grafting procedures. In addition, he has conducted clinical research, and is a highly regarded author of a number of related medical articles.

It is also worth asking if your dentist is fully conversant with all the different types of implants. There are a number of different systems, but very often, you will find that a San Francisco dentist has only had training in one specific system and it could be that this is not the right system for your particular needs and wishes.

Beware Of “Cheap” Dental Implants- San Francisco

Be extremely wary of dentists offering “cheap” dental implants in San Francisco. There are two problems to consider here, the first obviously being the experience – or lack of it – of your dental surgeon. The second is the cost of the implants themselves. There are hundreds of implant companies out there, and every year some of them disappear, and new ones arrive on the scene. If you have an implant from a company that is no longer in business, or that goes out of business shortly after your treatment, it may well be that you could find yourself without replacement parts if they were needed at some point in the future.

Dr Rabinovich performs dental implant surgery in San Francisco routinely every working day. Not only has he performed thousands of such procedures, he genuinely enjoys the work and seeing the delight on the face of his patients when they can show off their new smile. Quite often, new patients come to him to correct mistakes that have been made in other offices.

Dental implant treatment is not something that should be rushed. It is always best to do your due diligence, and ensure that you receive the procedure that is right for you.