It is true that many people think that dental implants can be a lot cheaper in Mexico, and they are absolutely right. Labor in Mexico is cheaper than in the US, and this applies to dentists as much as to anything else. No wonder people in the Bay area think that it’s worth the trip. It’s 518 miles from San Francisco to Tijuana (as  The hidden costs of dental implants in Mexicothe crow flies).

But is it really?

Look a little deeper, and you may find that it is not as rosy as it seems. Certainly, Tijuana – for example – is a lovely city and has a relaxed lifestyle compared with some parts of California, but it is a little over 500 miles away from San Francisco.

A Consultation – Dental Implants Center in San Francisco

If you are considering dental implants, the first thing that you need to do is to have a consultation in order to see if they are suitable for you. In most cases, they are, but this means a 1,000 mile round trip just to see if you qualify.

Suppose you are one of the few patients who doesn’t?

Let’s assume that you are a suitable patient for dental implants. You now have to travel back to Tijuana for your first appointment, which is another 1,000 mile round trip. This is when you get your implants inserted and the temporary crowns fitted on top.

So far, so good.

Permanent Teeth – Dental Implant Center Solution

However, you now have to go back to Tijuana to have the permanent teeth fitted to your implants.

This all assumes that you don’t have any problems in the meantime and don’t need to go back to have them checked out.

Let’s assume that you don’t have any interim problems. You still need to do a trip totalling 3,000 miles (that’s eight hours each way by car). That probably means that you have to stay in a hotel overnight for each trip.

Can you begin to see how this mounts up?

On top of that, the dentist that you see is probably a general dentist (we don’t know of any SPECIALIST dental implant offices in Tijuana) so you could be getting treatment from a dentist who only performs one or two dental implant surgeries a month, as compared with San Francisco Dental Implant Center which does nothing else.

Then again, you could get a problem after you have had your final dental implant surgery, which means that you have to go back to Mexico yet again.

Which would you rather do? Go running backwards and forwards to Mexico on a 1,000 mile round trip every time, when you may be receiving treatment from a dentist who is not an expert in dental implants, or just popping down the road to see us.

No Brainer: Use a San Francisco Specialist

To use the vernacular, it’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

For your initial consult, just call the doctor on (415) 992-9188, or click on the contact Us link at the top of the page.