Chinatown in San Francisco isn’t often thought of as a residential or business area. But it is. Many people live and work in that neighborhood. When they need dental implants, fortunately our office at San Francisco Dental Implant Center isn’t far from Chinatown, either via MUNI or by walking. You can get dental implants close to ChinatownSo if you live or work in Chinatown, and you have a missing tooth or teeth, why not come over and explore the benefits of dental implants? We’re at 129 Sacramento Street.

Our Dr. Alex Rabinovich is one of the foremost dental implant surgeons in San Francisco, if not California. He has many years of experience of dental implant surgery. Dr. Rabinovich is often invited to speak at dental implant conventions so that other dental surgeons can learn more about his techniques. He has also written several academic papers on aspects of dental implants.

For Dental Implants In Chinatown It Is Worthwhile Coming to Our Office

If you are considering dental implants in Chinatown, it is well worthwhile coming over to our office. One of the advantages of our dental implants is that we will never use the so-called “cheap” foreign imports that are available. Dental implants are never going to be “cheap” anyway, but we believe that since they are going into your mouth and going to become a part of your body, if you want dental implants Chinatown, you want ones which are nothing short of the very highest standard and which are going to last. We use dental implants made right here in the US by Nobel Biocare.

Some people are unaware of how dental implants work, but the principle is quite straightforward. A dental implant is like a screw made of titanium which is inserted into your jawbone. Over a period of a few weeks, the jawbone will tighten around the implant so that to all intents and purposes it becomes part of the jawbone in the same way as the original tooth. A crown is then attached to the implant and – hey presto! – you have a tooth which is as good as the original.

So that’s the principle and it is fairly simple. The tricky part is carrying out the surgery. This has to be spot on, because things can go wrong if you are not in the hands of an expert. For instance, a nerve could get damaged. This is why we use the very latest scanning equipment which gives the doctor a 3D picture of your jawbone in order to ensure that the nerves are avoided.

So if you are looking for dental implants Chinatown, make an appointment to see Dr. Rabinovich. He is happy to provide you with a consult.