The stereotype is that people in Los Angeles are focused on their superficial appearance, while those in San Francisco are “deeper”. Like most stereotypes, this one is NOT true.

A winning smile in San Francisco.

Photo credit: El Ronzo via / CC BY-ND

We find many so-called “superficial” San Franciscans find the deep meaning in a better smile. We can help you achieve it: at San Francisco Dental Implant Center our motto is “We Grow Smiles” – and we do. When we see patients with a huge grin on their face as they look at themselves for the first time in the mirror after having dental implants in San Francisco, it puts a huge smile on our faces too. It is the perfect win-win situation!

Dental implants can have a dramatic effect on your life. People from the Bay Area and beyond gain renewed confidence as they can speak, eat, laugh, and enjoy life once more.

Our job is restoring smiles with affordable dental implants in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone where the teeth are missing. The bone fuses to the implant and provides the strongest possible support for the artificial tooth placed upon it, and it is the closest thing possible to the original natural tooth. Better yet, dental implants cannot suffer from disease in the same way that natural teeth roots can, so they should last you for the rest of your life. When you have dental implants in San Francisco nobody will ever know that they are not your natural teeth.

One Of The World’s Leading Authorities on Implants

Our doctor, Alex Rabinovich, DDS, MD, is one of the leading authorities in the world when it comes to dental implants. He is frequently asked to speak at dental conventions and is the author of a number of medical treatises on the subject, so you could not possibly be in better hands. In short, he is the “go to” doctor for other dental implant surgeons. He firmly believes that dental implants should be available to every patient and to that end he has invested heavily in the very latest and most up to date equipment, including 3D CAT Scanning technology which is far superior to an X-ray. This enables Dr Rabinovich to examine the density and quality of the jawbone, determine the precise placement of implants, avoid nerves and sinuses, and select the most appropriate size and type of implants.

Dr Rabinovich has also put together a very wide choice of financing options. He works with most of the dental insurers used by major employers in the Bay Area, accepts all major credit cards, has multiple financing providers including Chase Health Advance and CareCredit, and even offers a plan that carries no interest if paid off within 6 months. In addition, he offers $250 off each implant for senior citizens and $500 off two or more implant procedures.

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Photo credit: El Ronzo via / CC BY-ND