If you have missing teeth it can not only cause you problems with eating and speaking but can have a dreadful effect on your self-confidence, especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area where – like it or not – everyone is so “image conscious.”

You may not feel comfortable laughing out loud or smiling, and in fact when you do laugh you feel that you have to cover your mouth with your hand so that people cannot see the gaps in between your other teeth. It can all be extremely embarrassing.Dental Implants on a Happy Woman in SF

Dental implants are the perfect answer. And if you work in the Financial District there is the perfect dentist’s for dental implants downtown in Sacramento St. – San Francisco Dental Implant Center. The name is a bit of a giveaway, but it’s what we do.

The Ideal Solution: Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ideal solution because they are as near a perfect replacement for your original teeth as you can get. A dental implant is actually a very small screw made from titanium which is inserted into your jawbone. The bone will then grow tightly around the implant in a process known as ossification, so that to all intents and purposes the implant becomes part of the bone. Then the crown is fitted on top of the implant and – lo and behold – you have a tooth which is as good as the original.

In fact, as dentists for dental implants downtown, we know that dental implants are actually better than the original teeth in the sense that they are never going to decay or require root canals. When you have dental implants, nobody will ever know that they are not your own teeth unless you tell them. You will be able to laugh freely without embarrassment and your confidence will soar to new heights. You will be able to eat foods that you may not have been able to eat for years.

Of course, if you have dentures you will be well aware of how uncomfortable they can be. Add to that the fact that they can slip about when you eat if they become a little loose, and on top of that it is not unknown for someone to laugh out loud at a joke and for their dentures to fall out of their mouth (which is about as embarrassing as it can get) and you will know why so many people are coming to us, as the dentists for dental implants downtown, to have their dentures replaced permanently.

Our doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is very happy to provide all patients with an initial consult. If you would like to get those missing teeth replaced for 2020, book an appointment, with no obligation, by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and get all your questions answered.

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via Foter.com / CC BY-SA