The Marina District is a trendy district near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Residents there often live “active lifestyles” and are very appearance conscious.

If you live there, don’t let your smile keep you away from others or keep you away from that active lifestyle! You want to stay active. And you want to project the right image – and that means dental implants Marina District.

It’s a fact of life that as we get older many of us begin to lose a tooth or two. Some people simply accept it as “one of those things” and carry on, even though they now have that toothy grin. However, Marina District residents are aware of their image, and if that happens to them, they will want dental implants Marina District as they know that there is nothing better for replacing a missing tooth.

Some people, even today, still consider replacing missing teeth with a denture, but dentures are so 20th century. They can slip and slide about when you are eating or talking, and it quite often happens that a denture wearer laughs out loud at hearing a really funny joke, only to have the dentures slip out of his/her mouth! Can you imagine anything more embarrassing?

Dental implants Marina District could be compared with a luxury auto. Today we can drive around in luxury in a beautiful car. Dentures are the equivalent of driving about on a horse and cart. It will still take you from A to B but it’s hardly the same!

Consult on Your Dental Implants Needs

If you are considering dental implants Marina District, come over to our office in Sacramento Street and talk to our Dr. Rabinovich. He has many years of experience of dental implant surgery and is always happy to offer Marina District residents a consult. This is great, because he can assess you for suitability for dental implants (don’t worry, most people are suitable) and can answer all your questions, and you will doubtless have many.

Dental implant surgery can be carried out in different ways depending upon whether you only have one or two teeth missing, or whether you have several. For example, one answer is what is called “all on four” which is where all your teeth can be replaced with a new set in a day! Yes, you can come to San Francisco Dental Implant Center in the morning and leave with a brand-new set of teeth and a broad grin on your face all in a single day! What could be better?

So click on the Consult link at the top of the page to book your appointment.

Photo credit: antjeverena via / CC BY-NC-ND