In years gone by – or as some say “in days of yore” – not many people lived in downtown San Francisco. Yes, they worked there, but didn’t live there, preferring the commute rather than the hustle and bustle of the Financial Center.Dental implants in downtown SF

However, today that has all changed and many people now both work and live downtown – partly, no doubt, because the daily commute is really no fun. If your commute is an hour each way that’s 24 WHOLE DAYS of your life every year. Or if you sleep for 8 hours each night it works out to 36 days! That’s well over a month each year that you spend on the commute! Scary when you come to think about it! It’s just so much easier to have a few minutes’ walk home.

Of course, this means that people living downtown now want access to goods and services here, and that includes dental implants in downtown San Francisco. This is why the office of Dr Alex Rabinovich at San Francisco Dental Implant Center is in Sacramento Street, just a few minutes from where you live and work.

The 21st Century Answer

Dental implants are the 21st century answer to the problem of missing teeth. As we get older, many of us lose teeth for a variety of reasons. Some people take no notice and carry on as before with gaps where the teeth used to be. Others turn to dentures, but no matter how well they are fitted it is often the case that the wearer is unable to eat many foods that they did when they had their own teeth since dentures can quickly begin to slip and slide about. Trying to eat such things as nuts, for instance, can prove virtually impossible.

Certainly, dentures can improve your smile, but there is an inherent danger that throwing your head back with a hearty laugh at a very funny joke can in some instances result in them coming out of your mouth. Then there is all the bother of taking them out at night and soaking them to keep them clean.

Dental implants in downtown San Francisco are the answer. They perform exactly as your original teeth did. A small titanium implant is inserted into your jawbone and it is topped with a tooth that fits precisely where the original one did.

Now you have the perfect smile again and nobody but your nearest and dearest will ever know that you have implants. Most importantly, you can once again eat anything you wish, perhaps enjoying foods that you have not been able to eat for many years.

To talk about dental implants in downtown San Francisco, call us on 992-9188, click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page, or just drop by the office at 129 Sacramento Street.