Here is a New Year’s Resolution really worth making for 2015. How about a better smile by thinking dental implants?

Better still, how about any sort of smile?

If you have been embarrassed for years about laughing and smiling – which is something that most people in San Francisco do without even thinking about it – it may be that you have quite literally kept your mouth shut, or covered it with your hand every time you want to laugh or smile.
This can knock your self-confidence for six, and lead to all sorts of misery.

Dental Implants for a Great Smile – San Francisco, Marin, or Even Oakland

If you have missing teeth consider dental implants in San Francisco, the feeling of

dental implants in San Francisco

dental implants in San Francisco

not getting implants can make you feel as though you are, somehow, an inferior being. People come to our clinic from as far away as Modesto, and as close as Daly City.

You are not, of course. You are as valuable a member of society as anyone else – and may indeed have special qualities which actually mean that you are in the higher echelons.

However, this is not the point. It is how you FEEL that is important, and if you feel that other people will laugh at you or find you not as pretty or handsome as you think you should be, then it can make your life miserable. This is worth repeating: it is not how others may judge you – it is how you FEEL that they judge you. So looking into getting dental implants may be a great solution.

San Francisco Can Smile with New Dental Implants

Quite a number of people do have missing teeth – it is partly a result of the last 50 years or so of the American lifestyle of fast food, and omitting regular visits to the dentist.

It is very true that missing teeth can have a deleterious effect. You have probably noticed it in other people yourself, and this only makes you feel worse about your own situation.

However, the really great news is that, with the advances in modern dentistry, your missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants.

Yes, where those gaps are, you can now have dental implants that will give you the brightest of smiles, and they will also act in exactly the same way as your own original, natural teeth. Once again, you will be able to eat foods that you may not have eaten for years, simply because you have lost natural teeth.

Replacing those missing teeth with dental implants will make you appear to others as though you simply have a mouth full of your original teeth. You can smile, laugh, and eat anything that you wish.

Building Smiles in San Francisco (and in Oakland, too!) with Dental Implants

It may be that you have teeth that have fillings, and you are embarrassed to throw your head back and laugh, even though they work perfectly well for eating. If this is you, those teeth, too, can be replaced with dental implants.

For all practical purposes, dental implants work in exactly the same way as your original teeth, but have one great advantage: they cannot suffer from rot in the same way as your original teeth. Not only do you get a great new smile for 2015, you get to keep it!

Dr Rabinovich is the leading dental implant surgeon in San Francisco, and has restored the smiles – and just as important, the confidence – of hundreds of San Francisco residents. Because he knows how important this is to so many people, he offers an initial consultation. He also provides many different financing plans so that, no matter what your circumstances, your new smile will be affordable.

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