Who would you trust to carry out dental implant work for you? A mere technician? No. A general dentist? No.A specialist for dental implants. No more than you would let your local doctor here in SF carry out brain surgery if you were unfortunate enough to need it.

No. You need a specialist in dental issues, and in this case you need an oral surgeon for dental implants. Possibly an oral surgeon who has also qualified as a maxillofacial surgeon. As with many other things, it is a case of horses for courses. And the right “horse” in this case is an oral surgeon for dental implants.

Certainly, you can find dentists who have taken a weekend course in dental implants, but this is your body you are talking about. If you owned a Ferrari, you probably wouldn’t take it down to Bob’s Garage on the corner: you’d take it to the Ferrari dealer because you know that their mechanics are fully conversant with the car and they will use real Ferrari parts – not cheap replicas. Yes, it costs a bit more than Bob charges, but are you going to risk your beautiful car just to save a few dollars?

Here’s another thing: if you did take it to Bob, and he fouled it up, the worst thing that can happen is you have to buy a new car. However, unfortunately, you can’t buy a new “you”, so it is simply not worth taking the risk with someone who might, or might not, get it right.

That’s Why You Need A Specialist Oral Surgeon

That’s why you need an oral surgeon for dental implants who is a specialist in them. This is why people come from all over the Bay Area to San Francisco Dental Implant Center. It’s what we do. Our doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is an oral surgeon with many years of experience with dental implants. He has the very latest CT scanner and equipment, and only ever uses the finest titanium dental implants – not the cheap imports that can be found elsewhere.

After all, even if you go to the equivalent of Bob’s Garage, dental implants are still not going to be “cheap”. We are the first to admit that. But you only have one chance to get it right first time.

Furthermore, if you should happen to require finance, we have a huge choice of different finance plans that we can offer you, including one that contains no interest provided it is paid off within 6 months, so whatever your financial circumstances, we can help you.

Our doctor is happy to provide an initial consult, so book yours now by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.