San Francisco, California – February 1, 2017. One of San Francisco’s top-rated oral surgeons, Dr. Alex Rabinovich is proud to announce a revised information page for wisdom teeth extraction just in time for 2017. San Francisco Bay Area locals suffering from impacted wisdom teeth may experience difficulty in chewing, and erupted wisdom teeth can also cause serious infections in the mouth if left unchecked.

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However, many patients put off the procedure until after the busy Holiday season comes to a close. In preparation for the January burst of interest in health-related activities, Dr. Rabinovich is announcing an updated page on wisdom teeth extraction.

“If I see a patient with impacted wisdom teeth and they’ve been suffering with it for some time, it’s a big concern,” explained Dr. Alex Rabinovich, chief oral surgeon of SF Dental Implants. “Erupted wisdom teeth can seriously affect a person’s overall health and daily comfort. By updating our page, now, we are ready to provide information online in early 2017.”

To review the updated web page please go to;
Information regarding how an impacted wisdom tooth can cause problems in the mouth can be seen. Details about wisdom teeth extraction, chewing problems and infections from impacted wisdom teeth can also be evaluated. Note: persons interested in dental implants should visit t, which is Dr. Rabinovich’s site specific to dental implants.

2017 New Year’s Goal: Wisdom Teeth Extraction from a Top San Francisco Oral Surgeon

San Francisco locals may have taken goal-setting into high-gear during the holiday season. Gift shopping and party planning could have been at the top of the checklist. Toward the end of December, many Bay Area residents could be looking ahead to New Year’s celebrations and creating resolutions for 2017. Self-improvement goals that can help locals live a happier more active life might be first on the list. Losing weight and eating healthier are two normally popular New Year’s resolutions, but one more important goal could be added; wisdom teeth extraction.

Dr. Alex Rabinovich, San Francisco’s leading oral surgeon has recently updated the wisdom teeth extraction web page. Losing teeth may not appear to be a good New Year’s resolution at first, but if it means losing impacted wisdom teeth, it could be a good idea. Erupted wisdom teeth can cause pain, trouble chewing and possible infections. A professional oral surgeon skilled in wisdom teeth extraction can easily evaluate the damage being done. Losing weight and eating healthier can be constructive New Year plans. Removing impacted wisdom teeth can be the first step to a healthier 2017 for San Francisco residents.

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