The Bay Area is home to many people from India and some of them return home to have surgeries carried out such as India dental implants. Of course, it is true that the cost of living in India is a lot less than it is in the US, so things like dental implants will be cheaper.

Hidden costs of going from San Francisco to India for dental implants

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So it may be tempting for San Francisco citizens to consider going there.

However, while the cost of the actual procedure may be less than in the US there can be a lot of hidden costs. To begin with, the air fare will be around $800 – $900 for a “cheap flight”. Then you have to stay at a hotel. Certainly, you might get away with two or three nights if the dentist can make his assessment and then fit you in quickly in order to have the implants inserted.

So Far, So Good

So far, so good. You get your implants fitted and come back home. Then in four to six months’ time when the bone has ossified and the implant is secure, you have to go back to India for the final fitting.

That’s fine, but what happens if you get back home and in six months or 12 months something goes wrong with your India dental implants? In theory you would have to go back to India again to have the dentist resolve any problems.

Then there is another consideration which is even more important, and that is the skill of the dental surgeon in India. Unless you have recommendations from friends who have had India dental implants from the same dental surgeon, which is unlikely, you are taking everything at face value. Certainly, the dental surgeon you choose might be excellent, but how do you know? And what happens if he is not excellent, or perhaps even not very good?

When you are considering dental implants the truth is that you want nothing but the very best.

Safer At Home

That is why you are going to be a lot safer staying at home and having your dental implant work carried out by a recognized expert who is fully qualified and comes with a long list of recommendations from local patients in the Bay Area.

Dr Alex Rabinovich is a leading dental implant surgeon not just in the Bay Area, but is one of the foremost experts in the world. He is frequently asked to speak at dental conventions in order to pass on his knowledge to other dental surgeons who have nowhere near the list of qualifications that he does.

Certainly, having surgery from Dr Rabinovich will cost you more than it would in India, but you can be safe in the knowledge that you are having your treatment from one of the best dental surgeons in the world and who uses only the very finest materials – not cheaper imports. He also has a wide range of finance options to suit every pocket.

Dr Rabinovich offers all patients an initial consult so that you can discuss your options. To book yours, call the office on (415) 922-9188 or email

Photo credit: russellstreet via / CC BY-SA