It is a fact of 21st century life that Google is teaching all of us to be much lazier when it comes to searches. What they have been doing the last couple of years or so is to make it easier for us when we search for anything online.

In one respect, that is no bad thing. Who doesn’t want life to be easy? Right?

However, maybe the “Big G” is really not doing us any favors after all. In their desperate attempts to retain their position as the No. 1 search engine in the world, they could be pointing you in the wrong direction. You might finish up getting second best, or even something that you don’t want at all.

Certainly, they are providing you with a service which is free, but what good is “free” if you don’t get the best?

Dental Implants and Google Searches

Take dental implants, for instance, which is our specialty. Many people search for “tooth implant doctor” thinking it is much the same thing as “dental implant doctor”. In a way, it is, but you will likely get different results on Google.

The correct name for what we do is “dental implants”. The clue is in our name: SF Dental Implant Center. We are specialists in dental implants and we carry out several such surgeries every working day.

The problem is that, if you search for “tooth implant doctor”, Google may return results that do not show us, but show general dentists who do perform dental implants, but might only do them occasionally.

This means that what you could end up with is a perfectly good general dentist, but one who is NOT a dental implant specialist.

Use a Specialist in Dental Implants

Dental implants are not cheap, and the last thing you need is a procedure performed by a well-meaning general dentist who might have only had training in dental implants over a couple of weekends. Frequently, these short training courses are run by companies who manufacture dental implants, and it is obvious that they are going to be promoting their own products.

Not all dental implants are the same, and neither are the procedures. At SF Dental Implant Center, our senior medical doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, spent several years in training in dental implants (and also maxillofacial surgery) – not just a couple of weekend courses. Indeed, he has published many medical treatises on dental implants; other doctors look to him for guidance.

This is where Google might be leading you astray. If you search for “tooth implant doctor”, you might not find us.

As it happens, we don’t care what you call us, but when it comes to dental implants, you will obviously want the best of the best. You want dental implants that will last the rest of your life. You certainly don’t want to be going back in six months’ time for remedial treatment.

So maybe Google is not doing you any favors after all. The good news is that – somehow – you have found your way to the top dental implant specialists in San Francisco.

Furthermore, Dr Rabinovich will happily offer you an initial consult, so that you can decide for yourself if this is the right procedure for you. Call us on (415) 992-9188, or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to find out more.