The Sunset District is the largest neighborhood in the City / County of San Francisco. It’s near Golden Gate and is a beautiful, residential part of the city. The best dental implants in Sunset District are in the Financial District. There are numerous parks, including Golden Gate Park of course, and TPC Harding Park, and there is the largest lake in San Francisco – Lake Merced. This is where you will find the San Francisco Zoo. There are also several golf courses.

The Inner Sunset hosts a variety of local businesses, including restaurants, bars, breweries, bookstores, bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, clothes and shoe stores, a tattoo parlor, and a wine bar. There are also a large number of restaurants offering a wide range of foods from many countries including Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Pakistani, Persian, Mexican, and more. Sunset is a great area in which to live.

However, if like many residents you are looking to replace any missing teeth that you might suffer from with Sunset District dental implants, then you need to hop on the MUNI and come over to the Financial District. It’s only a 20-minute trip, and here you will find San Francisco Dental Implant Center. As you might guess from the name, dental implants are our specialty and are provided by our Dr. Alex Rabinovich.

There Is No Substitute For Dental Implants

When you have a tooth or teeth that are missing there is no substitute for dental implants. They are the closest thing to real teeth that you can get. The actual dental implant is a tiny screw made of titanium which is inserted into the jawbone. Over a period of a few weeks the jawbone will bond tightly to the implant and in effect perform in exactly the same way that your original tooth root did. A crown is then fitted on to the top of the implant and – hey presto! – you have a tooth that works just like the original.

There is none of the slipping and siding about that you can get with dentures, and you don’t have to cut down two perfectly good teeth on either side of a missing one in order to support a bridge.

When you have our Sunset district dental implants you will be able to eat anything at all, including foods that you may not have been able to eat for years such as nuts, corn on the cob, BBQ ribs, apples, and more.

As specialists in dental implants we accept a very wide range of payments and we can also provide you with a choice of different finance options if needed.

If you need Sunset District, don’t suffer any longer. Book an appointment to see our doctor for a consultation and have all your questions answered.