In some respects, Daly City is no different from anywhere else. However, one of the great benefits it offers, if you want to go shopping, is lots of free parking. There are the Serramonte and Westlake Shopping Centers, where you can park easily and without the worry of getting a ticket. That is a very different story from San Francisco.

Daly City dental implants are best taken care of in San Francisco.

There is also the Cow Palace arena which hosts all sorts of different events, and a whole variety of different restaurants offering cuisines from various parts of the world.

However, if you are considering Daly City dental implants you need to hop into the car, or get the train or bus into San Francisco. It is only a short trip (9.6 miles to be exact) but will give you the great benefit of having treatment from an expert.

We Are Serious About Dental Implants and the Bay Area

We are quite serious about this. Many general dentists carry out all sorts of procedures as routine, but may only perform a dental implant treatment a couple of times a month, if that.

This is where SF Dental Implant Center is different. The clue is in the name. It’s what we do. Every single working day.

Our senior doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is one of the leading experts in the field of dental implants in the US. He spent many years training in dental implants (and also maxillofacial surgery) and is today highly regarded amongst his peers. He has written many theses on the subject, and other dentists rely on him for guidance.

Thousands Of Treatments: Missing, Broken, or Otherwise Damaged Teeth

Dr Rabinovich has carried out literally thousands of dental implant treatments over the years, and has successfully completed many surgeries for Daly City patients who have had the foresight to decide that they want the services of an acknowledged expert.

Certainly, San Francisco parking may not be free, but what does that matter when you have the choice of getting your implant treatment from one of the top doctors in the country, or going to a local “jack of all trades” in Daly City?

That is not to say that dentists in Daly City are somehow incompetent. Far from it.

Specialists In Dental Implant Treatments

What we ARE saying is that you would be better off being treated by someone who specializes in dental implants, rather than a dentist who may have carried out this type of procedure less than 100 times. Every patient is different. Some patients are not even suitable candidates for dental implants. This does not happen often, but if that should be the case, Dr Rabinovich will have no hesitation in recommending an alternative.

A simple analogy would be if you had a problem with your electricity supply. If it was breaking down, and the RCB was tripping out every time you switched the light on would you want it sorted out by a general builder or a qualified electrician? The answer is fairly obvious.

So, if you are in need of Daly City dental implants, don’t have them done in Daly City. Take the short trip to San Francisco where you can get your treatment from the acknowledged experts.