It is a fact that having a single missing tooth is not really going to affect the way that you eat. You still have all your other teeth, and they are in perfect working order. However, missing just a single tooth can ruin your smile. In turn, this ruins your confidence, because you feel embarrassed to smile or laugh freely.Single Missing Tooth

Certainly, you could have a denture with just a single replacement tooth on it, and there is no doubt that it is a cheaper option. However, you then have an alien piece of equipment in your mouth. You may get used to it in time, but you have to take it out at night, and sterilize it. It’s all a hassle that you can do without.

Dentures Cannot Replace Your Original Teeth

Of course, if you have several teeth missing, and decide to opt for dentures, they can never replace your original teeth. Dentures have an alarming capacity for slipping and sliding about when you eat, and it has not been unknown for a denture wearer to laugh heartily at a joke and have the dentures pop out of the mouth. Extremely embarrassing.

A tooth implant, on the other hand, can and does replace your missing tooth or teeth. Tooth implants are the nearest thing to the original that you can get, and perform in exactly the same way as your natural teeth. The titanium implant is screwed into the jawbone, which, over the course of several weeks, will bond to it so that it becomes a part of you. The tooth replacement is fitted to the implant, and – voila – you have your teeth and your smile back again.

A Specialist Tooth Implant Surgeon in San Francisco

Dr Alex Rabinovich, the tooth implant doctor at San Francisco Dental Implant Center, is a specialist tooth implant surgeon. If you are seeking information about tooth implants in San Francisco Bay area, there is nobody more qualified. Dr Rabinovich does not carry out ordinary dental procedures such as fillings and wisdom tooth removal, preferring to specialize in tooth implant surgery.

So respected is Dr Rabinovich in the field of tooth implants, that he is often asked to lecture at dental conventions. He has also written many academic papers on the subject. In short, Dr Rabinovich is the dentist that other dentists go to when they want to learn something about tooth implants.

If you are considering tooth implants in San Francisco Bay area, Dr Rabinovich offers an initial consult. Here he can assess whether or not you are suitable for tooth implants (most people are), and answer all of your questions. You can book your consult with him by calling his office on (415) 992-9188, or simply click on the Contact Us link at the top of this page.