Whether you want a consultation to learn whether you are a suitable fit for dental implants, or you need pre-op or post-op care, the office of Dr Alex Rabinovich is conveniently situated just around the corner in Sacramento Street.

There is probably no other doctor in the US who knows as much about dental implants as Dr Rabinovich. He trained in both medicine and dentistry, and is a Board certified physician with advanced training in Oral Dental ImplantsSurgery and also Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr Rabinovich was a resident surgeon at Georgetown University / Posnick Center for Plastic Facial surgery, and while there, worked with some of the top surgeons in the field from Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities.

Dental Medical Missions for San Francisco

Dr Rabinovich travels on medical missions abroad, where he works on such things as cleft lip and palate deformities free of charge for children who are in need.

If you are considering downtown San Francisco dental implants, you will not find a finer oral surgeon than Dr Rabinovich. At his office in Sacramento Street, he performs dental implant surgery every day. Many general dentists who offer dental implants may only undertake such work once or twice a month. Indeed, Dr Rabinovich has written many papers in his field and is regarded as a leading authority by other dentists.

Dental Implants Center for San Francisco Offers The Finest Materials

Another thing that is important is the use of only the finest materials. As with other things in life, there are materials used in dental implants which are at the cutting edge of the profession, and there are cheaper copies. Dr Rabinovich reasons that you should only ever use the best materials in your mouth, and will never use anything but the finest.

Dental implants are the nearest thing you can get to your own teeth, and perform in exactly the same manner as your original teeth once did. The implant itself is made of titanium, and is screwed into the jawbone which bonds with the implant holding it firmly in place. The tooth is then affixed to the implant providing a permanent replacement tooth for the missing one.

As the leading provider of downtown San Francisco dental implants, Dr Rabinovich is always happy to offer a consult in order to ensure that you are a suitable candidate (most people are) and to answer any questions that you may have about dental implants. You can call his office to make an appointment for your consult on (415) 992-9188, or simply click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.