San Franciscans use two terms interchangeably – downtown and the financial district. It can be a little confusing and it is interesting to look at how the terms came to be used.Dental Implants

Downtown is thought to have been coined in New York City in the 1830’s and referred to the original town at the south tip of Manhattan Island. As the town expanded, the only way it could do so was towards the north, going upriver from the original town. In map design, the north is referred to as “up” and the south as “down”. So anything north of the original settlement became “uptown” – as in Upper Manhattan, which automatically made the original settlement “downtown”.

Towards the end of the 19th century the term was gradually adopted in various cities to refer to the historical core of the city which also often happened to be the financial center of the city. Today, downtown means the central business district of a city – or CBD – which for some reason we Bay Area residents call the financial district. In the UK, it is usually called the city centre which also makes sense because most of the inland cities spread outwards in all directions.

Confused? Yes, we were too until someone explained that to us.

For Dental Implants Go to Downtown San Francisco

No matter. If you want dental implants you need to go downtown. Dental implants in downtown San Francisco can be found at San Francisco Dental Implant Center which is located downtown – or in the financial district if you prefer – in Sacramento Street to be precise. Here you will find the office of Dr Alex Rabinovich who is widely thought to be the best dental implant surgeon in the whole of the Bay Area.

It is not just we, or our patients, who say that. Dr Rabinovich is revered by many in the dental profession and is frequently called upon to speak at dental conventions. In other words, other dental surgeons listen to Dr Rabinovich because they respect his abilities – and you cannot really get a better recommendation than that. Dr Rabinovich has also written several treatises and medical papers on various aspects of dental implant surgery.

Dental implants in downtown San Francisco are Dr Rabinovich’s specialty. He does not undertake general dentistry, preferring to offer his expertise and talents to people from the whole of the Bay Area – and indeed further abroad – who are seeking the best dental implant surgeon for their problem.

Dr Rabinovich offers every patient an initial consult. So for dental implants in downtown San Francisco our office is in Sacramento Street, which is downtown. Or in the financial district, if you prefer!