Nowadays, everyone in the San Francisco Bay area is image-conscious. It used to be that we residents of Northern California looked at ourselves as the intellectuals, while the residents of Southern California were known for being very focused on their images. But today, there is no real hard and fast rule about the residents of the San Francisco Bay area versus the residents of Los Angeles County. Everyone is concerned about their image, and everyone wants to look great.

Tooth Veneers vs. Dental Implants

Dental Implants vs. VeneersYou may have heard that many Hollywood movie stars put tooth veneers on their teeth. Generally, the purpose of these tooth veneers is to make their teeth look whiter on television. You may also have heard of people who are using professional teeth whitening treatments, again, so that their teeth appear whiter. These are usually used to either whiten teeth, or to hide discoloration from tobacco use or other problems.  They can even be used when teeth are “too far” apart.

How your teeth appear is a very important part of your smile, and our motto here at the San Francisco dental implant Center is that we grow smiles! However, we are in the business of dental implants. And dental implants are quite different from tooth veneers.

In a nutshell, tooth veneers are generally a 100% cosmetic procedure, whereas dental implants are generally used to replace one or more teeth. In many cases we can actually do an entire set of teeth in a day, for those people who have really serious tooth problems.

Dental Implants and Titanium

A dental implant is of course based on a titanium screw, that is inserted into the jock, and then an artificial tooth is attached. Now, these artificial teeth will look as good as any veneers! That’s the beauty of it, as these artificial teeth will be as white and as beautiful as any Hollywood veneer.

So, if you are missing one or more teeth, and your friends or family are saying that you need veneers, they are mistaken. What you probably need is a dental implant.

Your best course of action to fix your smile, is, of course, to contact us for an initial consultation. Our friendly dental implant specialists can advise you on your best course of action.

Our goal is to give you a beautiful smile, and if dental implants are right for you, that’s what we’ll recommend. If, however, all you need is veneers, then we can advise you that that is what you need, although we do not generally do veneers.